President’s Message

Winter 2017-2018


As the holidays approaches I am reminded how grateful I am to be sharing life’s journey with all of you.

Although I am so very grateful for my family I am extremely thankful for all I’ve come to know at DBSA and consider all as my extended family. When I first came here I felt lost that life had let me down. I was going along one day enjoying a great family life, friends and a successful career basically loving life. Then bam mental illness entered the mix, boy did I feel shattered. When I came here I found out 1 in 4 families is affected by mental illness. I was no longer alone on this journey.

As I’m sure you all know everyone has advice but no solutions? No coming here was not the magic fix. What I did get was people who got it and I learned to cope. No every days not great but I do have my life back.

Eleven years later I’m President never saw that coming. I found that giving back to an organization that gave me back my life was really what continues to help me cope. First I became a facilitator, and then I was on the board.

My favorite thing is being chair on the activities committee. Being part of a big Italian family I especially like the gathering where there is food and most important people I care about. When I walk through the cafeteria at these events what I see is people caring and sharing their lives together.

As we approach the holiday season I ask that we all remember that DBSA runs because of our membership and donations. This helps pay for our events, run the office so that are groups will continue to run and continue to welcome those who need us. So if you’re here every week or haven’t been for a while remember we are so very grateful to all of you.

My wish for all is a happy holiday season followed by a healthy and peaceful new year.

Lillian Cravotta-Crouch
President DBSA-Boston

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